I am a UK Space Agency Aurora Research Fellow, and an astrobiologist, planetary geologist and author based at The Natural History Museum in London. I work in environments across the Earth, where life is able to survive our planet’s most extreme conditions, using them as blueprints for possible extra-terrestrial life forms and habitats.  I have worked on projects for NASA and the Canadian, European and UK Space Agencies, and am part of the Science Team for the PanCam instrument onboard the ExoMars 2020 rover. The only thing I enjoy more than devising ways to find life on Mars is writing about it.  I have published numerous articles and academic papers, and my first book - Goldilocks and the Water Bears - is out now.  I am also an avid believer in the power of science communication, having regularly appeared on radio and television programmes and spoken about the search for life on Mars at the TED Conference in 2013, as a TED Fellow.



Email: louisajanepreston@gmail.com

Credit: samdrawsthings.co.uk