Let's talk science...

I am CRB checked and love speaking to both the public and schools about space science and working as a scientist. I am currently based in London UK but happy to travel. I have spoken about my work at TED2013, New Scientist Live, The Royal Observatory Greenwich, Cafe Scientifique, The Lost Lectures, The Edinburgh Science Festival and many more. I’m always looking for new opportunities to talk about science, research and careers in science to a wider audience.

My specialist areas include: 

  • Astrobiology and the search for life in the Universe

  • The geology and biology of Mars (including missions such as NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers, the MSL Curiosity Rover, ESA's ExoMars Programme and many more)

  • Europa, Titan, Enceladus and Life on icy moons,

  • Analogue space missions and Mars-like environments on the Earth

  • Extremophiles

  • Biosignatures on exoplanets

  • Colonisation and space gardening on the Moon and Mars

  • Tim Peake and his Principia mission and life on the International Space Station

Please email me if you have any questions or wish for me to talk at an event you are hosting.

As a specialist in several science areas I am available to appear on radio, tv and online. I have appeared on and/or been interviewed for BBC Stargazing Live, Dara O’Brians Science Club, BBC’s Horizon and The Sky at Night. I also write popular science articles which have been published in The Times, Universe Today, Nature’s Soapbox Science, and Physics Focus to name but a few.

Some good links to my work:

TED-Ed Animation - 'How extremophiles bode well for life on Mars'

The Lost Lectures - 'Life on Mars'

Nature's Soapbox Science - 'Mars Gardening' and 'NASA's Curiosity Rover'

A Global Village - 'Astrobiology'

Physics Focus - 'Life from space? Sadly no'

The Lost Lectures. Credit: Charles Clarke-Billings

The Lost Lectures. Credit: Charles Clarke-Billings